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Knowledge is of the highest value, being able to apply it in the right way is essential. Pragmatic learning focuses on that the right practices are applied in the right way., 

Founded from years of bringing together theory, methods, good practices and experiences in the field, we believe you can be most success full with an approach that is pragmatic and tailored to your specific situation. 

Pragmatic Learning classes are built to support exactly that. Practices that are actionable, proven to bring success and build on what others have experienced in a way that you can apply for your organisation. 

About us Pragmatic Learning

Jasper Sonnevelt
Jeroen Venneman

The pragmatic learning

Founding fathers


Follow and learn to apply Kanban practices in a pragmatic way. This canvas-style book provides cases, reference material and good practices.
The Pragmatic Kanban Canvas book will be out early 2021.


Rich course materials filled with experience based examples, images from the field and a comprehensive overview to start your journey with Kanban


Get your knowledge validated and show it off! Pragmatic Learning collaborates with the Agile Consortium for independent and industry recognized accreditation

Thank you for a great and interactive training class. I like the "what problem are we actually trying to solve" -approach

– Training attendee – Financial industry

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