Pragmatic Kanban

Continuous improvement should start immediately. Visualize the work, identify the problem, experiment for a solution.

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How kanban makes the difference

76% Of Agile users rely mostly on the kanban board as tool

The 14th State of Agility as performed by VersionOne concluded that the most used tool in Agile is actually the kanban board with 76% of respondents using it

63% Of Agile users relay on kanban as top 5 technique

Wether it is by using a simple wall with cards or a digital solution that visualises the work and processes, the majority of agilists rely on Kanban practices to manage their work

Increase 80% productivity by simple focusing..

Limit your work in progress and get more done! It might sound counter intuitive, but doing less can make you up to 80% more productive!

7% Off all Agile users actually practise Kanban

It seems that after scrum methods witch cover +/- 80% all all practises Kanban is the next biggest methode.

Stop starting, start finishing!

The main reason that we are not delivering as fast as we could is because there is too much work in our process that is not moving. Let's finish that before taking on new work!

Nobody can actually Multi-task

Our brains are not made for it. It's hard, distracting leads to poor quality.

Kanban was there before all the others

Enhance your future with kanban!

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I like the material and their way of teaching. It's highly educational while being very engaging. Doing the course students experience the benefit of Kanban directly by experiencing the cases in real life and how prioritizing and focus enable faster and better delivery.
Erik Knapen
Management Trainer at Global Knowledge