Pragmatic learning

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We help you build an organisation that learns, takes on problems head on and has fun experimenting to the problem resolution


Our classes are built on pragmatism and help bring the right knowledge to each level of the organisation. 

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We love to share our knowledge and learn from what your experiences are. We are regular speakers at conferences, events and meetups. 


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We believe that knowledge is of the highest value, being able to apply it in the right way is essential. Pragmatic learning focuses on that the right practices are applied in the right way.

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Many are looking to implement in a way that works for us specifically. We’ll look for practices that help us solve the problem that is in front of us. And although it might be tempting to design the perfect end solution, that’s often a costly and time consuming activity where a lot of guessing is done. The pragmatic way is to find a small improvement or experiment, gather feedback and adjust based on the results.