Pragmatic Kanban Foundation

The Pragmatic Kanban Foundation class is perfect for those who are familiar with the basic concepts of “Agile” and “Lean” and would like to discover what Kanban exactly entails and learn to effectively implement Kanban in their teams.

You will gain immediate value from this class if one or more of the following statements are true:

● The team has more work than time (overloaded)

● It is not always clear who is working on what

● The team always receives feedback late or unpredictably

● A need for more cooperation and knowledge sharing (many islands with a lot of knowledge) exists

● A lot is being worked on, but little is actually being achieved due to constantly changing priorities

● It is unclear which activities are contributing to the organizational goals● Poorly planned, highly urgent work

● The same team is doing multiple projects with many stakeholders

After completion of the Pragmatic Kanban Foundation class each attendee will be able to take part in the Pragmatic Kanban Foundation Exam. Upon successful completion the attendee will receive a certificate and recognition of completion of the exam. This certification is part of the Agile Consortiums "Certify to Inspire" program. 

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